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Team Management

As tasks and challenges become increasingly complex, it is more and more the responsibility of teams, rather than individuals, to deliver the high-quality results expected. The advantage of teams made up of experts with complementary skills is that they are able to provide a greater depth as well as breadth of knowledge. Teams have, then, not only the potential to be more productive than individuals, but also to achieve work of higher quality. This, however, is not always the case. Teamwork often proves frustrating in reality. What can management do to ensure that teams achieve their full synergy potential? This is the key issue which the seminar will be focusing on. The five factors which are crucial in deciding whether a group is successful or not will be explored from a theoretical and, primarily, practical perspective.

Content and goals

  • What factors make teamwork successful? How can the total be made more than the sum of the parts?
  • The 5 Cs as a checklist or as a tool box for team management
  • The importance and benefits of being clear (Clarity)
  • How to build teams – in terms of skills, demography and personality (Composition)
  • How to develop team spirit (Cohesion)
  • How teams can be motivated (Carrots)
  • Important factors for communicating within a team (Communication)

Methods and approaches Short presentations from the trainers, discussions, sharing experiences, practical exercises and training

      Target group: University instructors

      Requirements: none

      FKWiss/Team (En)
      Course trainer:
      Prof. Dr. Eric Kearney www.uni-potsdam.de/fop2/lehrstuhlteam/prof-dr-eric-kearney.html

      H 9132

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