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Conflict Management

This course ist to learn how to deal with conflicts in a confidential atmosphere.

Objectives and content:

  • Definition and understanding of conflict
  • Difference between constructive and problematic conflicts
  • Discovering your own pattern of resolving conflicts
  • Adept and resourceful negotiation of a solution acceptable to all parties
  • Effective use of phraseology
  • Learn techniques to solve conflicts, find compromises, and allow different views
  • Understanding of one's own coping strategy and what leads to a strong performance
  • Positive and negative effects of language and body language
  • Identify cultural differences and the impact on conflict
  • Role-play exercises with trainer and group feedback to put the learning into practice

Participants: Members of the Technische Universität Berlin

Requirement: English skills level B1


08:30 -16:00
Ms Svenja Neupert.     
H 9132

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