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Managing in academic positions

Seminar offers for professors

In addition to the offers available via the General Management Program, we would like to provide you with supplementary support for all the managerial tasks you have to perform specifically in the context of an academic position.

If you would like to

  • reflect on your academic chair's strategic focus
  • reorganize your research group with sufficient staff
  • manage you team effectively
  • optimize communication with the various groups of people you deal with both within TU Berlin and beyond
  • strengthen your professional skills in the context of professorial appointment committees
  • receive well-presented information concerning new legal developments relating to academic issues

then our program of seminars and workshops, specially organized for you as a professor, can provide you with the support you need.

Suggestions and proposals and requests for specific themes are very welcome.

We are also here to advise you regarding any management training programs provided by external organizations for which you might be interested!

Overview of seminars 2020

Als Mitglied von Berufungskommissionen soziale Kompetenzen und Führungskompetenzen valide erfassen
Supervising doctoral candidates (for professors and postdocs)
Exzellenz entscheidet! Methoden und Instrumente zur Gestaltung von Auswahlverfahren im Überblickein Impulsvortrag im Auftrag von VP FB und II PE-WB
Futureoriented Leadership and Managementsystem for professors
Rhetorics refresher course (DE/En)
22., 29.10., sowie der 05.11.20
Neu berufen an der Hochschule - Profilbildung und Lehrstuhlmanagement
auf Anfrage

Further programs will be announced shortly!

All our trainers can draw upon experience from the academic world as well as commerce and industry. In addition to addressing the latest topics in leadership and management, our program also offers you the chance to network with colleagues.

We are also here to advise you regarding any management training programs provided by external organizations for which you might be interested!

Selected external course providers:

German Association of University Professors and Lecturers (Deutscher Hochschulverbandhttps://www.hochschulverband.de

Center for Higher Education (Centrum für Hochschulentwicklung): http://www.che.de

In addition to the the special seminar program for university professors, we also offer a General Management Program, with a number of options relevant to your interests and requirements.

Further suggestions and proposals are very welcome.

We very much hope you will be inspired by the courses on offer within our Managing in Academic Positions program!

Your Human Resources and Continuing Education Team.


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