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Tips for rhetoric, body language, voice, argumentation and manipulation, tips for coping with stage fright

You are used to having to speak. But do you also make public appearances, have to hold talks, moderate meetings and small events, give press statements, etc? Do you wish you didn’t have to, would prefer to shirk the responsibility, and maybe even have stage fright? We will show you how speakers manage to present with confidence and enthuse their audience with their oral skills - using their body language, voice, and content. We will show you which tricks and techniques can help you with stage fright and what manipulative techniques exist and how to defend yourself against them. This e-learning module provides you with an overview of rhetorics: What is rhetorics? What can it achieve and what is its aim? You will learn practical tips and tricks and receive training material. Take a look! You’ll enjoy it!

Content and learning outcomes:

  • Basics of rhetorics: Body language + voice + content
  • Confident body language
  • Confidently speaking
  • Tips for stage fright
  • Manipulation and argumentation
  • Common rhetoric questions

Methods and approaches: E-learning After completing the e-learning module, participants can print a certificate of participation.

Target group: Management in academic and administrative units

Requirements: none

FK/ Rhetoric E-Learning

 30 minutes
Course trainer:
Frau Jane Bormeister


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