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Requirement profiles for TU Berlin management

The requirement profile for management describes the formal, specialist and soft skills requirements the TU Berlin has identified for staff in management positions and in the fulfillment their functions.
For every existing and newly-created management position, a personalized, individual requirement profile has to be drafted. A basic requirement profile (for management levels 2-4) is available to you as a template. The soft skills requirements are already defined here and are, as such, binding. These do not have to be re-defined for each position. The purpose of this is to establish a common understanding of the basic requisite soft management skills at TU Berlin.
By contrast the description of the field of work must be individually elaborated and completed for each position, as must the formal and specialist requirements of the position. The specialist requirements also need to be weighted. The soft skills have already been weighted – this can, however, be adjusted if the standard weighting is not appropriate for the position.
The basic requirement profile does not then replace the actual requirement profile or the job description; both of these must be individually drafted for each position.
The listed requirements and their operationalization / observable performance are to be examined to see that they match exactly with the position and are to be adjusted as required. Aspects of the specific cultures in the faculties are particularly to be taken into account in this process.
Similarly the profile is to be adapted in the event of changes to the tasks to be performed. Line managers are responsible for introducing these amendments.

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