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The value of the requirement profile

The requirement profile plays a significant role in both the selection of staff and staff development. It forms, on the one hand, the basis for drafting job descriptions and the concept of how the selection process for these positions should be conducted. It also serves, based on the current qualifications of a manager, to establish the appropriate qualifications for a position, as well as the staff development measures that need to be pursued regarding those requirements where there is a discrepancy between the current situation and the desired situation. As such the requirement profile can also be referred to when preparing and conducting annual appraisal meetings, or when establishing objectives, as well as serving as a basis for the induction of new staff, as a means of helping staff to orient themselves, for evaluations and for drafting references.
Defining the optimal set of requirements, (either for an existing management position or for a position to be filled), should ensure that the position is occupied by someone who either already possesses the necessary skills, or will be able to acquire them in the mid-term.


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